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Irish band U2 come to cangi – U2 Band –

Februari 13, 2009

Irish band U2 come to cangi – na Colin Hogg – The story has a strange beginning and a tragic ending. But between the two, something remarkable happened. Something that could not have happened without a young Maori .from Wanganui called Greg Carroll. Like many young New Zealanders,reg Carroll fell in love with rock and […]

Big Family-Buka puasa bersama 2008-

Februari 9, 2009

We R the Big Family -event-pelangi 28 Sep 2008 on Solaria Long Time…time ago from left to right Is…. Lia ( sepupu )- me and my son Hendra – Rafael ( keponakan vira ) – Murianti ( Rafael Mom or Vira Sister ) – My Aunt ( Tante Endang Lia and Rani Mom ) – […]